A Few Options for your Antique Finish in NYC NY

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Decorating your home can be a very exciting project to undertake, and many people have chosen to go about it in many different ways. There are those that have become so involved in what is becoming known as the do-it-yourself era that there is virtually no project in the home that they will not at least try to undertake on their own. And then there are others that know what they want and would rather have a professional do some of the work for them.

Either method is fine but one thing is for sure; you want to make sure you pick out the perfect wall coverings to match your unique style and personality. Living in the city, you may have noticed that one of the current trends in home decor is a more rustic looking Antique Finish in NYC NY. There are a number of ways in which you can achieve this type of look and if you are unsure of how to proceed with it, you may want to consider checking in with a local professional such as Decorfin for some guidance at the very least.

A few of the options you may want to consider in your Antique Finish in NYC NY may include some of the following. For more information on how to achieve these or to have a professional come in to provide you with the perfect look, contact a local professional such as the one mentioned above.

Venus Marble

– A traditional Venetian plaster that offers a glossy and smooth finish with optional metallic highlights

Antico Antique

– A three dimensional look and feel, both in look and texture, with an optional glaze layer

Nottie Veneziane Antique Velvet

– Providing a velvety finish that looks similar to leather and including pigmentation that changes contrast under different lighting


– Designd to emulate the visual experiences you might encounter on tour in Tuscany. Multiple options available in terms of texture and color

The rustic and somewhat aged look with a bit of texture thrown in seems to be all the rage, both in the city as well as across the nation. The most important aspect of any room is the wall finish and the four possible options listed above are sure to be a wonderful way to bring even the dullest of rooms to bright and vibrant life.


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