A Brief Guide to Crime Scene Cleanup in Atlanta GA

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As distasteful as the task may be, at some time a person may need to clean up spilled blood. Whether it’s cleaning up after a trauma, accident, death or crime, people should hire a crime scene cleanup company that can provide quick, professional and compassionate assistance.

The Risks of Cleaning up Blood

It can be simple to clean blood after a cut or a minor accident, but bodily fluids left on baseboards, carpets and flooring can lead to the growth of fungi, mold and bacteria that cause illnesses months later. Under federal law all bodily fluids are considered biohazards, and a crime scene cleanup company will treat the job in such a manner.

Crime Scene Clean Up in Atlanta GA is more complex than most people think. Some may believe that a mop, bucket and cleaning rags are all that’s needed, but the process is more involved. Where there’s blood on carpet, flooring and walls, the safest thing to do is to assume that the blood contains pathogens-;and to hire a professional to clean it up.


Before work starts, the cleanup crew will protect themselves according to OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen rule set. These rules, designed by the government, protect those involved with biohazard and crime scene cleanup. If protective equipment is correctly worn, it can reduce the chance of catching a serious illness. Protective gear doesn’t offer 100% protection during cleanup, but it offers a chance to limit exposure to pathogens.

Risks of Removal

If there’s blood on carpet, the affected area must be safely removed. A carpet knife may sound like a good choice, but its sharpness leaves the user vulnerable to pathogens. Bloody mattresses are another significant danger; a crime scene cleanup crew will cut it into small pieces and place them into special biohazard bags in accordance with local and state regulations.

Suggestions for Blood Cleanup

As one can see, cleaning up blood after a crime can be difficult and risky to human health. It is important for anyone faced with such a task to follow EPA, OSHA and federal guidelines and procedures. These rules should be reviewed carefully before work starts, or a certified, insured and licensed company such as website should be brought in to do the Crime Scene Clean Up in Atlanta GA. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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