What to Know About Diamond Colors When Shopping for Engagement Rings

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What to Know About Diamond Colors When Shopping for Engagement Rings

As one of the hardest substances known to man, diamonds have been surrounded by an air of mystery since they were originally discovered. Many people believe that all diamonds are white in color, but that’s inaccurate. When shopping for engagement rings in Newport Beach, CA, here are a few things to know about the color of diamonds.

Why Are Diamonds Different Colors?

Diamonds can come in a rainbow of colors because they are made from compressed carbon that has been scattered with various elements. Each element within the carbon creates a unique color of diamond. Furthermore, the strength of each element may vary between diamonds, thus causing a multitude of hues. Due to the optical density of diamonds, the influence of each impurity can also affect the way light reflects out of the diamond as it is refracted against the cut facets.

What Colors of Diamonds Are Rare?

How rare are the various diamond colors found in engagement rings in Newport Beach, CA? Red is the most expensive color of diamond because it is extremely rare. Green diamonds are also rare and have proven difficult to find. It is estimated that less than 10 green diamonds are found each year. Purple is very rare and accounts for only 1 percent of known diamonds. Blue diamonds are more common but very sought after due to the manner in which light refracts within the cut gem. Orange and yellow diamonds are common because the impurity creating them is nitrogen. Grey, brown and black diamonds do exist but are not often used to create wedding jewelry due to the lack of light refraction.

Are Diamond Colors Important?

The color of the diamond and the impurities within will determine the brilliance and shine of each stone. That is why it is important to check the color of the jewel when shopping for engagement rings in Newport Beach, CA.

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