Using a Professional to Install a Central Air Unit

July, 2015 by

Using a Professional to Install a Central Air Unit

When speaking about the installation of central air conditioning units, size is important. If a homeowner under buys an air conditioner that isn’t large enough, their home won’t get cool. Purchasing a unit that offers too much power can make the house freezing, it’s important to find a balance. Contractors are equipped with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J to help customers determine the right size machine to install. There are considerations that need to be taken into account when having a central air unit installed.

For homeowners with ductwork intact, the addition of a Central Air system can be significantly cheaper. The contractor should follow instructions listed in the ACCA Manual D regarding proper duct sizing methods. There need to be adequate supply registers to transfer air to the correct areas. Poorly installed ductwork can negatively effect cooling and contribute to equipment failure. Proper sized duct work can reduce the noisiness created by many air conditioning units. In addition to using the correct sized ductwork, professionals should also seal all joints and seams tightly.

When choosing a Central Air unit, there are many factors to consider. The house’s design, size, and the installation method are all factors to consider when buying a machine. When upgrading an older model, don’t buy the same sized unit. More or less cooling may be required now. Take into consideration any energy modifications that have been made to the home. Ask the contractor which sized unit they suggest and move on from there.

Requesting the assistance of a contractor like Poudre Valley Air can help homeowners buy the right sized air conditioner for their home and have it installed properly. When a contractor does the evaluation, they will determine whether ducts need to be resized, resealed an insulated. They can also assess the indoor evaporator cooler and outdoor condenser to see if any changes need to be made regarding performance. Professionals can safely install a new system that’s 20 to 40% more energy efficient. Prices for a cooling unit are about $3,000 per three-ton capacity. A licensed professional can complete maintenance, ductwork and remove an older unit as well as installing a new one. You can follow them on Twitter.