Wholesale Prices for Your Hot Water Heater in Orange County NY

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

When you have customers waiting for a bathroom to be repaired or renovated you cannot waste time waiting around for parts to come in or having to shop around. You need a supplier who can offer you all the parts and options you need in one place. Someone who has the right prices, the best brands and a helpful staff to sort through it all.

A Hot Water Heater in Orange County NY is one of the items you will frequently need. They are a common item, need regular replacement and are necessary to daily life. When you need to replace one for a customer, they are going want it immediately. No one wants to hear excuses when they are only able to take cold showers.

Ramapo Wholesalers are committed to having the inventory their clients need. They have three large showrooms and seven counter locations. All locations are staffed by knowledgeable and helpful employees who can answer any technical questions you may have. You can buy kitchen and bathroom appliances, fixtures and accessories. If the part you need is not in stock they can usually have it delivered to you by the next day. Their service is quick and they offer free delivery as well as same day delivery.

Ramapo Wholesalers offer only top quality products from major brand name manufacturers. Despite the high-quality, their prices are always kept reasonable. They offer rewards programs and credit accounts for commercial customers. A credit application is available from their website for any businesses who wish to apply.

Do not waste time and money on generic plumbing parts or shop at a big box store where the employees are not knowledgeable about their departments. Get your Hot Water Heater in Orange County NY from a company that has employees who can answer your questions and make suggestions that will help you.

You can find Ramapo locations from New Hampton to Hackensack. They are all open Monday through Friday and have some weekend hours for your convenience. Call them or go online today to find out what the hours are the location nearest you.


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