Preparing your Home for installation of an AC unit

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Preparing your Home for installation of an AC unit

We will determine the proper size of the AC system for you
Can you imagine how important it is to prepare your home for the installation of an AC unit? For the sake of comfort and efficiency, our professional AC Service will determine the proper size of the air conditioning system. Generally, the large capacity of the AC unit and expensive equipment is not always an advantage because it will cycle too frequently, and never reach ideal efficiency or dehumidification levels. It will put added stress on components and may lead to more frequent repairs and shortened service life.

Rely on the experts
You can always count on the experts from Air McCall to properly design your new system for maximum efficiency, durability, and performance. We will determine how well your house is insulated, climate, size of your home, windows, doors, unconditioned spaces, hot and cold spots, shade, and how your family uses your house. All that must be factored in when designing the perfect system. Our factory-trained technicians will work with you, discuss your concerns and expectations, and make informed recommendations. Once your system is installed, we will make sure you are familiar and comfortable with operating it to ensure lasting satisfaction.

Only professionals can find the most affordable solution for you
Air McCall has been the most trusted heating and cooling company in St Johns Florida for over a quarter century! We provide friendly service at affordable rates, and our AC Service offers many affordable options for home air conditioning units, whether you decide to repair or service your old AC unit, or install a new A/C system. You can trust our experts to work with you to find the most affordable solution to any heating and cooling issue you may have.

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