When Has the Time Come to Call for HVAC Services Brooklyn NY?

by | Mar 21, 2024 | HVAC Contractor

For the most part, the home heating and cooling system requires nothing more than an annual inspection and changing the filters every month. That is why it can come as a surprise when the system needs a little more attention. Here are a few of the signs that the home owner should think about contacting an expert in HVAC Services Brooklyn NY and arranging for a service call.

Things That Rattle in the Night

Unless there is a reason to think a ghost has decided to haunt the house, the most likely explanation for those strange sounds at night is the heating and cooling unit. Over time, it is not unusual for a system to begin making noises when it cycles on and off. The noise may be loud enough to wake members of the household from a sound slumber. At that point, the best approach is to call one of the local HVAC Services Brooklyn NY and arrange for a professional to check the system thoroughly.

Uneven Cooling

In years past, the system was able to keep every room in the home at the same temperature. That is not the case any longer. Some rooms of the house are noticeably warmer than others. Before the situation gets worse, call a professional and have the unit checked. If everything seems to be fine there, the problem could be with the duct work. In any case, a professional will know what to do in order to remedy the problem.

Higher Power Bills

Over the last few months, the monthly power bills have increased. At first, the home owner thought it was nothing more than the fact that summer had arrived. By comparing the bills for this year with the same period last year, it is obvious that more energy is being consumed than in times past. Assuming there has been no change in the way the family uses the other appliances found in the home, the origin of the greater energy consumption is likely the air conditioning unit. A professional can find out why this is happening and provide some ideas of what can be done to correct the situation.

For any type of issue with a heating and cooling system, visit Caucig Fuel – Heating and Cooling Co. website today and set up a service call. The technician will examine the system and find out what is happening and provide solutions that the home owner can consider.

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