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June, 2014 by Alma Abell

Utility bills can be very expensive, especially in the cold winter months when extra heat is needed to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Some people install fireplaces which make the house feel more homey. Another benefit of having a chimney in the home is that it reduces one’s carbon footprint by using biodegradable resources like wood, and it helps users save money on their utility bills. These fireplaces are excellent resources for blackouts during the winter months when the electricity may stop working if the power is cut off. It allows owners to keep warm, even if the power is out. Though there are many benefits to having chimneys, proper maintenance is required for safety and health reasons.

One way to add to a chimney’s safety is to install a chimney cap Chicago, or elsewhere. These caps are an incredibly helpful accessory because they prevent animals from entering the chimney through the gap in the roof. By preventing animals from entering, users not only prevent themselves from getting infectious diseases from animal bites, but also, the structural integrity of the chimney is protected. Another reason for installing a chimney cap Chicago is to prevent rain from entering, which can get inside the home or attic and cause water damage if gone unnoticed. Click here for more details.

However, though these caps are useful, they can be problematic if not correctly cared for. Potential problems with caps include clogging from wood preservatives which are given off by the fire. This clogging can cause chimney fires if not properly removed. The caps can become clogged by loose debris like leaves and sticks which obstructs the proper airflow of the chimney. These obstructions cause the smoke to enter the home instead of exiting the chimney.

Many companies help clean and repair chimneys with and without caps. One such company is Chimney USA Inc, which can be found at Sitename. This company provides installation, relining, inspection, and cleaning, as well as selling accessories like caps. Contacting a certified company to help with chimney maintenance is recommended and will add to the longevity of the product itself, thereby saving more money and reducing carbon footprints.

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