When To Call a Roofing Contractor in Franklin

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Homeowners often wonder when they should get roofing work done on their residences. After winter snow, ice, and the wind have damaged shingles, but before summer thunderstorms begin to wreak their havoc, roofing companies often have the time available to get to a number of different jobs. Consequently, spring and early summer months can be some the best times to schedule roof repairs or plan to replace the entire roof of a home. A homeowner who needs roof work done near Nashville can call a roofing contractor in Franklin to handle the necessary work.

Experts recommend having roof work done in the winter, spring, or summer because it’s easier for a roofing company to fit the job into their schedule. Late summer and fall are typically the busiest times for roofers, as many homeowners know. Because the weather is often calm during those times, homeowners usually start thinking about roof repair and replacement then. Having roofing work done off-season is beneficial for another reason as well. Roofing materials are generally more expensive because the demand is higher in the busy season. Roofing contractors frequently raise their prices as well because they have to pay for more labor and equipment.

A homeowner looking for an experienced and reliable roofing company needs to ask some questions before hiring the roofer. The length of time a company has been in business is important because of its impact on a roofing warranty. Most roof warranties are for 20 years; but are honored only by the company that installed the roof. A roofing company needs to have proper insurance so any injuries to workers on the job don’t become the homeowner’s insurance nightmare. Employees should be sufficiently trained to repair or replace the roof properly, avoiding problems that could come up weeks, if not months or even years, later.

The H.E. Parmer Company has been a roofing contractor in Franklin and Nashville for over 125 years. The company, which is still owned by the family that started it, stands behind the repair and installation work it does every day. Satisfied customers testify to the prompt service when repairs are needed immediately as well as the professional workmanship of the company’s employees. To find out more about this roofing contractor, visit us.

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