Commercial Heating Repairs In Fort Collins, CO Should Be Performed By An Experienced Technician

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Commercial Heating Repairs In Fort Collins, CO Should Be Performed By An Experienced Technician

Heating is still a concern with winter cold hanging on. While the heating system is still operating, it is a great reminder to have it ready for the next heating season. Commercial Heating Repairs Fort Collins CO can be performed on furnaces, boilers, radiators, water heaters, and forced air heating systems. Maintenance for any type of heating system should be performed on a regular basis. This is the only way to guarantee it’s working at peak performance and using as little energy as possible. A business owner can keep the filter changed in a furnace to limit stress on the operating parts between regular inspections and maintenance. Vents should be clear of any blockages.

A yearly tune-up will include the inspection of all of the furnace components and adjustments to the controls. The inside of the unit will be professionally cleaned and a complete safety check will be performed to ensure reliable and safe operation during use. The thermostat will also be examined and recalibrated if the reading is not correct. This type of maintenance can reduce the chance of a call being made to a company that has experience in Commercial Heating Repairs Fort Collins CO. If an owner notices a gas smell, they should contact a repair company immediately. A gas leak could cause an explosion and could be the sign there’s a connection that is worn or damaged.

A furnace can stop working for a variety of reasons. If the fan doesn’t respond when the thermostat is increased, a wire could be loose or a breaker may have tripped. Some problems can be very complicated including trouble with a thermostat, control board, transformer, blower motor, or run capacitor. A trained technician will perform a comprehensive diagnostic test and pinpoint the problem quickly. Squeaks and squeals in the furnace could be a sign the motor is going to fail. Early intervention by Commercial Heating Repairs Fort Collins CO in this type of problem could eliminate the chance of the furnace failing.

If your heating system has been consuming a lot of energy, making strange noises, or not keeping your building warm, it’s time to give Paul’s Plumbing & Heating a call. Their trained technicians will have your heating system operating at peak performance in no time at all.

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