What Are Common Roofing Problems?

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Roofing

All home-owners out there are generally aware of the onslaught that the roof of their home faces, quite literally. General degradation is only one of the main concerns in handling the roof. New roofing contractors will come across all sorts of dramatic and potentially expensive disasters. What Are Common Roofing Problems? Below are the five concerns that contractors that are in it for the long haul will come across more than any others.

Flashing: The problem known as flashing with roofs is a process where water damage occurs in the pipes between two parts of a roof. For example, a window portion may extend out of the main wall of the floor. In this area, vents and pipes will accumulate water damage that has occurred from various leaks and other drainage issues.

Gutter Build-up: The gutter almost always has debris and typical build-up inside of it. A lot of this is relatively minor, and a basic gutter sweep will remove the debris. But some will become ingratiated into the gutters and gets grounded down where it becomes a pretty arduous task to remove it. One of the main problems in debris build-up in the gutters is through the proliferation and growth of mold and mildew. This will actually damage and discolour the gutters.

Shingles, Worn and Discoloured: A roof is almost solely created from the organization and layout of the various shingles. There are other different types of roofs, such as metal roofing and clay, that become similarly distorted. Shingles to come in many forms, but even the best ones are not immune to all sorts of problems. Missing shingles will actually leave an opportunity for mold to grow and extend throughout the bottom surface of the shingles. This will create extensive rotting that may actually penetrate the home’s roof entirely. Holes can occur when the shingle is no longer intact leaving the space they left vulnerable to rocks and falling debris.

What Are Common Roofing Problems? There are many others aside from the ones detailed above. But any roof that has hit a certain age in its life will almost inevitably come across some, if not all, of the above problems. Click here to solve your roofing problems.

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