Save Your House: Call an Exterminator to Get Rid of Termites in Tucson Right Away

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

It can be easy to miss the arrival of termites in Tucson. This is because it only takes a pinhole-sized entry point for them to get into the walls and colonize the structure. Once there, these light-hating insects may stay in the walls for quite a long time before they finally start to build nests inside the house. Therefore, it is likely that you’ll notice signs of damage before you find an interior termite nest or see the pests.

Even though the massive cost of termite damage comes from the fact that they eat wood, some of the most noticeable destruction can be to paper products like books. They also make their nests out of non-wood materials, preferably mud, and incorporate substances such as drywall into these structures. Because mud makes up the majority of the nests, Tucson’s termites like to build after heavy rains hit the area.

Once inside a home or within the walls, termites will ravenously eat their favorite foods: Wood and wood products. If they are left alone, they can devour so much of the wooden studs that make up a house’s frame that the house is destroyed. Some people in the area have had so much damage occur that there was nothing they could do but tear down the entire house and rebuild. Needless to say, it’s very important to call a company like Wildcat Exterminating, Inc. the moment a single termite is seen inside. Chances are that there are plenty more hiding in the walls even if an interior nest is not yet showing.

If there is an interior nest, it may be obvious or it could be well-hidden. This depends on whether or not they happen to build in an area you regularly see. Check for a dried mud structure made up of several tubes that have been fused into a conglomerated unit. If you imagine a huge version of a paper wasp nest, you’ve got the idea. You definitely need to call an exterminator for termites in Tucson if you see one of these! Just remember: You’ll usually see the damage from termites before you see these nests. Therefore, you should call for pest control as soon as you spot any evidence at all, not just nests.

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