Reviewing a Claim with a Truck Accident Injury Attorney in Culpeper, VA

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Reviewing a Claim with a Truck Accident Injury Attorney in Culpeper, VA

In Virginia, trucking accidents require extensive investigations to determine who is at fault. In the accidents, it isn’t always the driver that is liable. Mechanical issues, faulty parts, and weigh station failures can also attribute to the accidents. A truck accident injury attorney in Culpeper, VA can help victims after they sustain injuries.

Was the 18-Wheeler Owned by a Trucking Company?

If the 18-wheeler was owned by a trucking company, the owner must acquire a commercial auto policy for each vehicle. Additional policies are secured to protect cargo that could be damaged in an accident as well as extra coverage for accident victims.

Did the Commercial Insurance Provide Compensation for the Victim?

The first task for the accident attorney is to determine if the victim receives any compensation through a commercial insurance policy. If compensation was provided, it is possible that the victim could face issues collecting a monetary award in a legal claim.

Did the Driver Follow All Federal Regulations?

Federal regulations must be followed at all times that an 18-wheeler is operational. The driver must adhere to the restricted driving hours and keep a log of all their travels. The driver isn’t allowed to drive more than fourteen hours without an eight-hour resting period. Law enforcement officers are required to review the driving log for the driver when they investigate the accident. Any violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations must be reported.

Who Is the Defendant in the Lawsuit?

The defendant in a trucking accident lawsuit is the trucking company and their insurer, typically. The claim is filed for all financial losses experienced by the victim initially. The award covers their medical expenses, auto repair requirements, and some tort-based requirements. The monetary award is provided as a lump sum payment.

In Virginia, trucking accidents require investigations to determine if regulations were followed properly. Drivers who cause accidents with injuries are held accountable through legal claims. However, when trucking companies own the 18-wheeler, the liability could fall on the owner. Attorneys help victims acquire compensation after an accident. Victims who need to start a legal claim can check out website to speak with a truck accident injury attorney in Culpeper, VA today.

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