FAQs That Roofing Contractors In Franklin Can Answer

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Roofing

In Tennessee, homeowners discuss roofing choices with their local contractor when they need repairs or a new roof. These discussions provide homeowners with vital information they need to make a proper selection. However, they also include details about additional services that contractors offer. The following are FAQs that roofing contractors in Franklin can answer.

Are Emergency Services Covered by the Warranty?

In most cases, if the roofing is covered under warranty, the homeowner has access to emergency services. However, they are limited to the emergency services provided by the warranty only. The contractor can review the warranty and explain to the homeowner what options are available if emergency repairs are needed.

Is It Always Necessary to Replace the Entire Roof if Shingles are Found on the Ground?

No, the roofing contractor will review the areas in which the shingles were displaced or torn. If the surrounding roofing isn’t damaged, the contractor can patch these areas by installing individuals shingles. They will raise up existing shingles to ensure that the pattern continues to flow according to the original design.

Are Inspections After a Natural Disaster Free?

Yes, inspections are performed free of charge. The inspections just determine how severely the roofing was damaged. The contractor can make certain distinctions about the roofing by climbing onto the roof and evaluating it. This includes determining if repairs will remedy the problem or if a new roof is needed for the property.

How Do They Manage Repairs for Discontinued Products?

Typically, the contractor will check with their suppliers to determine if they can acquire smaller quantities of materials for these discontinued products. If they cannot, they could patch the section with a product that is close to the existing materials. If the homeowner doesn’t want to use a different product to match, they have the option of ordering an entirely new roof.

In Tennessee, homeowners acquire information on their roofing choices from contractors. The contractors understand the limitations or repairs and when they are appropriate for an existing roof. They also have access to suppliers who can help with tricky repair needs. Homeowners who need assistance from roofing contractors in Franklin visit us today.

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