Delray Beach Termite Control Protects Area Homes

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Termite damage is a constant threat to homes in the Delray Beach area. Left unattended, termites can quickly cause thousands of dollars in damage to a home. However, there are local companies that work to protect area homes from a wide variety of insect and animal problems. Setting up a regular schedule of preventative maintenance virtually eliminates insect damage.

Delray Beach Termite Control specialists like Bates Exterminating are experienced in handling termite threats for homeowners in the Delray Beach and surrounding areas. While termites arguably cause the most significant damage to structures, there are also other pests that can quickly take over an area home. Bees, spiders, roaches and, recently, bed bugs are commonly found in area homes. Experienced pesticide applicators can quickly dispatch the pests using exterior and interior applications as required to eliminate any threat to residents.

Regular applications of insecticides are required to control pests, and local experts advise scheduling those applications at specific intervals to control pests common in the area. In the event an infestation of termites does occur, experts utilize both tented or untented approaches as needed to resolve the issue. Bringing any infestation under control quickly and efficiently reduces the likelihood of additional damage to the structure.

Top Delray Beach Termite Control companies also provide animal control. Raccoons in the attic, skunks under the house, bats and snakes are examples of problems that routinely plague area homeowners. Experts will trap the animals and provide advice to homeowners about steps that should be taken to reduce a recurrence of the same problem in the future. For example, raccoons in an attic space are gaining entry somewhere, and any openings that permit them to enter the attic area need to be properly blocked.

Some local service providers also offer lawn care services to keep yards looking their best. Weed control, proper fertilization and pre-construction soil treatments are just some of the myriad services provided by the areas best companies. Potential clients for any of the services need to ask what services a company offers, as it is far simpler to deal with one provider if that provider truly resolves pest issues.


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