Common hiring mistakes that new ventures tend make

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A quick look at the world of sports confirms that coaches always come and go and the players are free to seek a new team and the owners have the right to pick the players that fit certain roles within the limit of the payroll.

Hiring for business is also similar to selecting a sports team. When you establish a business, you have to hire people and build a team. A start up company cannot afford to make a hiring mistake as it would significantly impact its operations.

A start up business does not have the cushion of profit to cover up the loss due to a hiring mistake. In a small company, even if one person is a misfit, it impacts the productivity and hampers the business considerably.

The good thing for these companies is that there are some hard and fast hiring rules that every start up should follow. If you want to avoid trouble in employee selection, here are some useful steps:

Never hire someone simply because you know them

You should never hire a friend or a family member as there has to be a certain sense of objectivity and accountability in the workplace. Friends and family members are treated differently as compared to the other employees in a company.


Avoid hiring people to help them out

Some owners have empathy for the co-workers on the rebound and people who are in trouble.  Becoming a saviour and trying to help them will not help your business. You should rather hire someone that will add value to your company and operations. Always hire people that are willing and eager to go that extra mile.

Never take someone as a partner because you cannot afford to hire them


Sometimes a business can be really hard to operate if you are a sole proprietor, but you should never think that it is an advantage to bring in a partner and especially just because you do not have enough money to hire them.

Bottom up hiring vs. Top down hiring


This method of hiring people leads to getting people who are generalists against people who fit right for the job.

If you hire from the bottom, it mean that you fill specific roles along with specific skills. By doing this, you add value to your workforce and expand their roles later on. This also allows you to focus on more important tasks.

By following these simple tips, you can get the right people to work for you. Chances of succeeding in your business are much higher if you have the right workforce.

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