A Poured Floor Offers Many Design and Material Options

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Home Improvement

A poured floor is the latest in flooring because of its durability and the potential for color and designs stamped in the floor. Many varieties of poured seamless flooring chemistry are available. Among them are acrylic, urethane, and epoxy floor coverings. Poured seamless flooring is available in material that looks like marbleized or terrazzo patterns. Striped designs can be put into the floor. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The durability of poured seamless flooring cannot be equaled by any other flooring since it is 100 percent non-porous and it is very easy to clean and to keep clean with a dust mop. A seamless floor can be made to match a photo you have of a design you would like to have anywhere in your home. Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation can provide you with more information on the product chemistry and many other uses.

Restaurant kitchens are an ideal place for the flooring when it is covered with integral resin that rises up the wall about 4 inches. This means there are no grout lines for bacteria to grow in. This floor will never look or be as dirty as a tile floor. Keeping it clean with a mop will ensure that any bacteria will be eliminated. This cannot be said of a tile floor.

A poured floor is great for warehouses. This flooring is slip resistant and easy to clean. It can be used to make well defined walkways and cover cracks and uneven spots in the floor.

Manufacturing facilities use this flooring to define walkways and for easy maintenance. The floor can be made slip resistant which is useful in a manufacturing plant where grease and oil can be hazards. The floor is also easy to clean and there are no grout lines to try to keep clean.

A garage which warrants a beautiful floor that is easy to keep clean should have this seamless floor installed. This is particularly useful if the garage is an area for displaying expensive vehicles. The floor adds to the appearance of the vehicles by creating an image worthy of the vehicles. Certainly, the home garage can benefit from this flooring also. This is especially true if the homeowner likes to repair cars.

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