Why Hire an Insurance Claim Attorney in Port Orchard?

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Law Services

When it is time to file an insurance claim, consumers living in Port Orchard hope that it will be easy to get the claim paid. With claims that involve property damage and no injuries, it is relatively easy to get paid. Insurance companies have standardized on how much should be paid on a property claim. For example, insurance companies are good at figuring out the current market value of a car when paying an auto claim. Although there may be disagreements on the valuation of property, most consumers can resolve those disputes without the need to hire lawyers. If injuries are part of the claim, then there is a chance that the insurer will try to pay far less than what the claimant wants. That is when claimants seriously consider hiring an insurance claim attorney in Port Orchard.

Every day, attorneys get potential clients who had denied insurance claims or ridiculously low settlement offers. That is why many upset insurance claimants contact Anthony Otto, attorney at law. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways for insurance companies to avoid paying a fair amount for claims involving injuries. For example, the insurer may claim that the victim was not injured at all. Another way to get out of paying is to allege that the victim was injured in another accident or due to a medical condition. This is a very popular tactic when dealing with claimants that have an extensive medical history. Finally, the insurance company may claim that the insured person or company did not cause the victim’s injuries. Fortunately, the insurance company’s decision is not necessarily what is going to be final and binding.

If claimants choose to file lawsuits to get compensation from insurers, it will ultimately be up to jurors to decide how much insurers will pay. Insurance companies often pay fair settlements once a trial date has been set. Settlement talks with serious offers will begin. Jury trials are risky and unpredictable for both sides. Most cases are settled without going to trial. However, getting paid fairly by insurance companies often does not happen until victims hire an insurance claim attorney in Port Orchard. It’s unfortunate insurance companies often have to be sued in order to claim benefits, but that is the reality in many instances.

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