Why Do Public Water Systems Medford OR Need Testing?

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Why Do Public Water Systems Medford OR Need Testing?

Public Water Systems Medford OR get their supply from ground water or surface water. When rain water seeps into the ground and is held within the soil, it is called ground water. Most small towns and rural areas rely on ground water for their public supply. Surface water is the stormwater that flows into rivers, lakes, and oceans. Surface water is a more common water supply for large, urban areas.

Groundwater and surface water are both subject to contamination from a wide variety of sources. Groundwater may be contaminated by household waste, pesticides, fertilizer, pool chemicals, improperly draining septic systems, leaching from landfills, and naturally occurring contaminants. Surface water can be contaminated by industrial run-off, storm water run off that carries contaminants like agricultural fertilizer and motor oil, and waste water from sewers, among other things. The contaminants in water can cause breakouts of infections like Hepatitis A, salmonella, Novovirus, and e. coli, to name a few.

Before water gets to your home, it is treated in a water treatment plant that operates according to federal regulations. The first step in water treatment is the introduction of charged chemicals that neutralize the negative charge of dissolved particles, causing them to bind with the chemicals. The next step is sedimentation, in which sediment settles to the bottom of a water treatment tank. The clear water is then filtered to remove things like parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Finally, the water may be disinfected with a small amount of chlorine to kill any remaining germs.

Thanks to this highly regulated water treatment system, the U.S. has a high quality water supply. However, this does not guarantee that your own water is 100% safe at all times. Contaminants may slip through the water treatment process, and they may enter your water supply after the water has been treated. There may be contaminants in the pipes that lead from the treatment plant to your home. Consequently, water need to be tested regularly for safety through a system approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For more information on testing Public Water Systems Medford OR, check out Nrclabs.com.

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