What New Patients Can Expect From a Port Orange, FL Dentist

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Going to a new dentist often makes patients anxious. The family dentist you have used since your childhood may have retired or you may have recently moved to the area from another city or state and need to establish a relationship with a new Port Orange, FL Dentist. Regardless of the reason you need a new dentist, it is important to know what you should expect on your first visit so you can be comfortable when you walk in the door to the practice.

Before your visit, write down relevant information to take with you to your appointment. Your new dentist will need your records from the previous practice so you will need to bring your former dentist’s name and address. Take the time to write down any questions you may want to ask your new dentist and any dental issues you have had since your last dental exam. By writing down your questions, you can be sure you don’t forget anything important while you are at the office.

Expect your new dentist to take a complete dental history at your first visit. Tell your dentist everything you remember about your dental health and any procedures you have had before that day. Your Port Orange, FL Dentist will count your teeth and may perform a series of x-rays for your file. If you have any copies of dental x-rays, your new dentist may want to see them.

Your new dentist may also ask about your medical history. Many medical and dental conditions are related so even though your dentist will not treat medical problems, knowing about them will help him or her maintain your oral health. Some diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, are discovered though dental exams. If you have any questions about why the dentist needs to know about other conditions, be sure to ask. Bring a notepad and a pen to take notes at your first visit.

If you have dental insurance, bring a copy of your insurance card with you. Many dental offices, such as Beville Dental Care, will bill your insurance company on your behalf. By providing the office staff with your insurance card, they can verify your coverage and ensure that you only need to pay your portion of the bill on the day of your visit.

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