What Is Sedation Dentistry in Palos Park, IL?

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Sedation dentistry is a special branch of dental care that is especially for those who experience high levels of anxiety when they must be seen by the dentist for dental treatments and even cleanings. This type of dentistry helps these people be better able to cope with dental care appointments, by offering a relaxing atmosphere and the use of sedation medications, depending on the needs of the patient and the dental work being carried out. This can help people to have dental services, who otherwise would not be able to. Through Sedation Dentistry in Palos Park, IL, you can feel more at ease in having your dental work carried out.

How Does sedation dentistry in Palos Park IL Work?

* Calming medications — Some of the most commonly used medications in sedation dentistry are calming medications or medications for anxiety. These are mild relaxants that help you to feel calm and reduce the anxiety you feel during a procedure. They are often used at the beginning of the appointment and are sometimes the only medication needed for teeth cleanings and simple examinations. If further procedures are needed, the dentist will most likely use a stronger medication and may even give a patient anesthesia to make them go to sleep.

* Anesthesia — For severe anxiety, anesthesia is sometimes required. This medication can be used to help you sleep during the procedure, so you do not experience the fear that often comes from having dental extractions and other procedures carried out. These medications are often given through IV, so they can be regulated throughout your procedure. Most Sedation Dentistry in Palos Park, IL offices use this method for major procedures.

* Laughing gas — This inhaled relaxant can be used on both adults and children. It is breathed in through a gas mask worn over the nose during the procedure. As long as the gas is being breathed in, you will feel completely relaxed and even sleepy. This can greatly ease the stress of having procedures carried out.

If you have a fear of having dental work done and want help, visit . They can provide you with all of the dental services you require, with the compassion and sedation you need.

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