What constitutes the futon frame?

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Futons

Complete futons in Houston TX are made of a cushion or mattress and the frame that one or the other rests on. The frame consists of pieces that, when joined together form the underbody of the complete futon. Most futons fold into two so the frame also includes the hardware that is necessary to allow the user to change the futons attitude from flat to upright and then lock securely to avoid collapse. The futon frame is made from either wood or metal and is fabricated in many different styles including bi-fold, tri-fold and convertible.

Futons in Houston TX are furniture; the complete piece consists of the frame and mattress and can be used as a couch during the day and then converted into a bed at night. This transformation is possible because of the mechanics of the futon frame, it can lie flat and act as a bed or one side can fold vertically, allowing the futon to be a couch for casual sitting. The cushion is firmly padded but not rigid.

Futon frames that are made from wood use strong hardwoods as it is necessary to support the weight of the user and to handles the stresses in the frame as it converts from one form to the other. Futon frames, although simple in design are available in many styles that might be seen in any couch and bed combination. The wooden futon frame will typically have arm rests at each end; these help the users rise when the futon is set up as a couch.

Of all the different futon frame shapes, the bi-fold frame is perhaps the most popular. These frames fold only once, thus two mattress surfaces are formed; one surface acts as the seat and the other serves as the backrest. This type of futon folds lengthwise thus it provides seating for two or three people as it is the width of a bed when set up as a couch. Another popular frame design is a tri-fold model. A tri-fold futon folds twice, thus three surfaces are created, this arrangement usually folds across the width of the mattress rather than the length. The result is a seat which is rather like a typical recliner.

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