Three Unfamiliar Mexican Meals That Can Be Made With Hispanic Food Distribution in Connecticut

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Food & Drink

Some owners of Mexican restaurants want to offer their patrons certain dishes that aren’t as familiar to U.S. residents as the tried-and-true burritos, enchiladas, and tacos. With commercial Hispanic Food Distribution in Connecticut, they can easily obtain all the ingredients they need for the chefs to craft delicious cuisine and introduce these unfamiliar dishes to customers.

Carnitas, for instance, are made with meat cooked very slowly, as in a crock pot or simmered for a long time on the stove. This allows them to thoroughly absorb any spices added to the cooking process and also makes the meat delightfully tender. Onions and bell peppers can be included as well. Small or medium-sized tortillas are wrapped around this filling in soft-shell taco style. Pork is the traditional choice of meat, but other kinds can be substituted. The meal may be served with avocado slices, rice and a side of beans. Chefs can acquire all these foods from a company specializing in hispanic food distribution in Connecticut.

Barbacoa is another style of cooking that many U.S. residents are unfamiliar with. It involves steaming meat while also smoking it. An example of how someone might do this at home would be to place a pot of hot water inside a barbecue grill in the midst of hot charcoal. A small flat grill is placed on top of the pot, and meat then placed on the grill. The barbecue device is covered, allowing the charcoal aroma to be absorbed by the steamed meat.
Traditionally, residents of Mexico and the Caribbean employed this cooking style to use up parts of animals that aren’t appealing to most U.S. residents. For instance, they might have cooked a cow head in this manner. A restaurant in Connecticut is more likely to use cuts of goat meat, lamb or pork that Northeasterners generally find more enticing.

A baked round of dough that features cheese, meat and possibly refried beans and other vegetables is known as a gordita. That’s another tasty meal a chef can create with ingredients from a commercial Mexican food supplier. Chefs may want to learn About Best Mexican Foods, one of the suppliers in this region.

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