Three Benefits of Children’s Yoga

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Three Benefits of Children’s Yoga

Children’s yoga is a great tool for getting kids up and moving and so much more. Children from the age of 2 and up can enjoy the process and learn a few things while they are at it. Training to teach children yoga is a very rewarding career move. Most instructors do not have the training to effectively teach young children and create a safe environment for them to learn. Becoming trained to teach yoga to children is not only rewarding for the children but it is very rewarding for the instructor.

The Benefits
Children are like sponges, they learn from the adults around them, other children, their environment, what they see on TV. They are just really open to new ideas and ready to absorb what is being taught to therm. Yoga is a teaching method that helps to teach self-control, how to process stress effectively, confidence and more. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced chance of childhood obesity
  • Improve mental health, feel less stressed, better control of anxiety and more
  • Help to build strong bones and joints

There are both physical benefits and mental well-being benefited for children that practice yoga. Recent studies show that children with ADHD that were taught yoga were better able to accept and express their feelings. Other studies indicate that children that practice yoga sleeps better at night and get more restful sleep in.

For the Instructor
Training children in yoga can be a challenge if you are working without the right tools on board. Training online is a simple solution that will provide you with the information you need to help children realize the benefits of yoga. It is very rewarding to know that you are helping to shape children’s lives positively. Get the training you need.

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