The Writing On The Wall

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

The purpose of wall ties in Brighton is to secure the inner and outer leaf – brick work and block work. This gives the cavity wall greater strength. Once set, this gives the cavity wall greater strength. The irons should be bedded equally onto both leafs. The drip should be central in the cavity. Tie irons should be placed 900mm or 4 bricks horizontally. They should be placed 450 mm or 6 bricks vertically. On door or window openings, the irons should be placed 225mm or 3 bricks vertically and not more than 225 mm from the edge. Tie irons should be placed in a staggered pattern for maximum strength. The placement can vary depending on size and type of cavity used.

Internal Failure
However, over time wall ties corrode, fall off or they simply drop off due to fatigue. When that happens, the brickwork and block work are left unsupported. The irons may fall off because the initial work was not done properly or the best methods were not used then because methodologies change over time as new information becomes available. When irons fail, the cavity is compromised and the strength of the structure is compromised and left to luck stay standing. Some of the structural damage is obvious to the eye such as bulging block work. A survey is the best method to diagnose how bad the problem is; however, it can be forfeited and work can commence without it.

Structural Collapse And Remedies
Wall ties replacements in Brighton failing can lead to structural collapse. This damage can be fixed with a dry fit iron installation. This mainly involves drilling pilot holes from the exterior leaf into the interior one. The drill depth should be roughly about 50mm into the inner skin. A diamond pattern should be used for maximum strength. It is important that the irons are staggered and patterned. An iron is inserted into the outer skin where holes are drilled. It is driven into the internal skin brickwork. The drilled holes are then filled with dry mortar to fill the holes left by the drill bit as it could leave the outer skin with unsightly pock marks, devaluing the property. The pin ensures stability between the internal and external walls. Other methods can also be used.

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