Small Business Owner’s Guide to Choosing a Phone System

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Choosing the right phone system is an essential part of running a business of any kind. The phone is the primary method for contacting clients, which means it needs to be effective. Choosing the right phone system not only means that there will be fewer incidents of a phone repair in Houston, but that the system will work to enhance your business operations. There are different types of phone systems to choose from that may work for you.

Virtual Phone Systems

Virtual phone systems from Amtel IP Phone Systems connect remote workers to a business phone through their home phones or cellphones. These systems are a type of super call-forwarding solution where a client calling the main business number can be transferred to a specific employee though his designated home or cell phone. Some of the typical features that come with this type of system include call screening, call forwarding, automated receptionists, and online faxing. A virtual phone system is a low cost solution for a business where some employees work remotely.


This is a more traditional system and is usually held by a regional or local telephone company. The typical requirement for this type of system is PBX hardware on the property. This hardware provides essential features such as multiple extensions for call directories and call transferring. Landlines have proven their worth over time and are very reliable. Some small businesses, however, choose alternatives because landlines can be prone to maintenance issues including Houston phone repair, and can be expensive compared to other options.

VoIP Phone System

VoIP systems use an existing internet connection rather than the copper wires traditionally used by landlines. A typical VoIP system offers features that were previously the preserve of big corporations with the budget for expensive PBX hardware. These features include call queues, automated attendance, and computer integration. Remote workers can use their mobile devices to access the business phone systems. The main advantage of VoIP systems is that they come with a lot of features and accessories for a lower price than landlines. The only thing to be careful with is that a poor internet connection can affect the operations of the phone system.

Choosing the Right Phone System

Choosing small business phone systems largely depends on the resources you have available. Some of the factors to consider include budget, access to high-speed internet, existing IT staff to maintain and run a phone system, and the projected growth of your business.

A good phone system provider should assess your business needs and recommend a phone system based on these factors. The service provider should also offer additional support services such as phone repair and maintenance to ensure that the system runs seamlessly.

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