Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

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Most homes have either central air conditioning units or stand alone room air conditioners like window units to cool the living area. Both of these units require regular maintenance and occasional air conditioning repair over the years. ACs are built to last for many years of consistent use under extreme conditions. Evidence that the AC unit is not functioning at its best is increased energy bills. When the unit starts to fail, the efficiency plummets and results in increased consumption of electricity. A home owner can reduce fuel bills by regular tune-ups and need based air conditioning repair.

The window air conditioner consists of a motor, evaporator coils, condenser coils, compressor and other components. The main components of the system are sealed. If you need air conditioning repair for any of the sealed components such as the motor, coils or compressor you should consult with professionals. Minor repairs and scheduled maintenance can keep your unit functioning efficiently. Small repairs and maintenance can be done by the home owner.

Dirt can severely affect the functioning of your unit. The air filters and coils should be kept clean. Filters can be removed from the unit, brushed, cleaned and restored. In some units, filters are not replaceable. The old filters may have to be replaced by entirely new filters. During the summer, filters should be cleaned or replaced every one or two months. If you live in a dusty area, filters get dirtier faster. If you own a furry pet, the filters may need more frequent replacement. Dirt that penetrates beyond the filters will settle on the evaporator coil. The heat absorption capacity of the coil is reduced substantially by these sediments. This results in reduced efficiency of the unit.

The outdoor unit of an air conditioner should also be cleaned regularly. Foliage, dirt and soil can restrict air flow and cause the machine to function below its efficiency. The outdoor unit can be cleaned by the home owner to remove dirt, leaves and soil. Any shrubbery or foliage should be kept trimmed so that leaves and soil do not damage the unit.

Often the AC can malfunction because of a faulty thermostat or low levels of coolant or a variety of other reasons. If your AC refuses to start, bring down the setting of your thermostat. If the unit is not cooling, it could arise from a number of reasons such as low levels of refrigerant, dirty or blocked condenser and evaporator or faulty compressor. If your unit does not respond and you are unable to find a solution, call in professionals for air conditioning repair. DC residents can find experienced technicians in the area that provide comprehensive repairs for HVAC.

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