Restore Your Rug With Oriental Rug Repair in New York City

by | Aug 26, 2013 | Rugs

For many centuries people have used as well as still use Oriental rugs to adorn their homes. The creations of both Oriental and Persian rugs are made from old world handicrafts. Unfortunately today with all of the latest technology the deep rooted designs of Oriental rugs and Persian rugs are really non existent in the modern world. Replicas of these types of rugs lack the beauty, precision and workmanship that is very common with antique rugs. For this reason many people that do own a true and genuine antique oriental or Persian rugs will usually store the rugs away for safe keep.

People fear that their beautiful works of art will be destroyed with everyday wear and tear. There are also many situations in which someone may have inherited one of these very expensive rugs but do not understand its real value. There really is no need to store your rug or to hide it in order to preserve it. If you have an Oriental rug that you have been storing away in order to prevent further damage you can now bring it back to life with Oriental Rug Repair in New York City.

Oriental Rug Repair in New York City is the processes used in order to restore your Oriental rug or even Persian rugs back to the day it was created. The Golden Horn specializes in both Persian rug repair as well as Oriental Rug Repair in New York City. No matter if your rugs or rugs have fire, water or moth damage or need re sizing, the The Golden Horn is able to carefully repair your rug so that you may either display it in your home or store it for even longer life.

Oriental Rug Repair in New York City is also able to repair holes, warn areas, rips, fringes, binding as well as reweaving. In addition to Oriental Rug Repair in New York City, The Golden Horn also specializes in cleaning and maintenance of your rug. If you are in search of an antique rug for your home they also have a large variety of true and authentic, antique oriental rugs for sale.

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