Questions to Ask When Comparing Grave Markers in Connecticut

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Business

When a loved one passes, many decisions need to be made in a short period if the deceased did not plan. One thing to be considered is grave markers in Connecticut. Which option should be selected and what factors need to be taken into account during the decision making process?

Where Will the Grave Marker Be Placed?

Before purchasing a grave marker, learn about the requirements of the cemetery where it will be placed. Make certain the desired grave marker meets these requirements, as it is harder to move the body once buried than to select a new marker. The cemetery can also provide information on where to obtain a marker and what options are available. This may be of great help to those individuals who are having a hard time selecting this permanent remembrance of their loved one.

Single or Double?

Is a single grave marker needed or should a double marker be purchased? A single marker only holds one name and related information while a double allows a couple to share the marker and signify their relationship. Single markers cost less at the time of purchase, but a double marker may be less expensive in the long run. Consumers, therefore, should consider both options when making their selection.

What Material Should Be Used?

The cemetery determines which materials may be used for grave markers on their property. However, consumers do still find they have many options. What color should the grave marker be and should it include a vase? Some cemeteries only allow flowers to be placed on the grave when they are contained in a vase attached to the grave marker. Information such as this needs to be obtained before the marker is purchased.

Browse our website when you wish to see the many grave markers in Connecticut available today. Furthermore, the team is here to answer any questions you have regarding the products and what you should be looking for when choosing. A grave marker is a permanent thing, thus this process should never be rushed. Look for outstanding craftsmanship and impeccable service. When it comes to a grave marker, you want nothing less.

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