Need Garage Door Replacement? Hire Professionals near Glenview

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Need Garage Door Replacement? Hire Professionals near Glenview

If your current garage door has seen better days, it is time to invest in a replacement. Once you have chosen the door and had it installed, it will be a part of your Glenview home for years to come. Before making the all-important decision of which door to buy, think about what it is you need. A garage door replacement gives you the opportunity to make any changes in function, material, and appearance.

Understand the Basics

There are choices for the door material and choices in how to open and close it. Three popular garage door materials are steel, aluminum, and wood. If you opt for a steel door, there are many options for paint color to a faux wood finish. Steel is a very durable material, but even so, it will dent if impacted by any force. Aluminum is light; the material is rust-resistant but lacks durability. Wood is the choice that many homeowners make, the material is beautiful and adds a lot of curb-appeal to any home; however, it requires more maintenance. There are also garage opener choices; a lot depends on the location of the garage on your property. A belt drive is quiet; a screw drive is also quiet but requires lubrication. The most economical is chain drive, but they tend to be a bit noisy.

Insulate or Not?

It comes as no surprise that winters in Glenview are bitterly cold and summers are scorching hot. If your garage is attached to the house, every time you open the door, you are letting either hot or cold air into the house, depending on the season. When considering a garage door replacement, it may cost a little more at the time to insulate it, but it will pay for itself quickly by controlling your utility bills.

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