Live Independently with Personal Care in your Own Home

by | May 9, 2013 | Health Care

With the rising cost of residential care, many elderly people are turning to home care services to provide assistance which allows them to continue living independently. Professional carers can assist with everyday tasks such as preparing meals, dressing and washing or provide much needed social interaction and outings for individuals who live alone.

Personal Care Services

Broadly speaking, carers can provide the following personal care services:

* Assistance with bathing or showering including help getting dry

* Help in dressing and personal grooming

* Toilet assistance

* Medication support – either supervising or administering medication

* Assistance in getting up and going to bed

* Help with motion activities

It may be that you require assistance with only some of the above, or you may need help with all these tasks, but your Home nursing care Bath agency will discuss your requirements in full before providing you with a tailored care plan that outlines the duties and responsibilities of your carer. Reputable care agencies will always try to ensure continuity of care, so you should usually have the same carer each week (except in the case of carer holiday or illness).

Domestic Services

Home nursing care Bath agencies can also provide a domestic service including:

* Meal planning and preparation

* Shopping

* Cooking

* Sitting service

Escort service (to and from activities, hospital appointments and so forth)

Respite/relief services to a live-in carer

Dog walking

Feeding pets

Carrying out cleaning and housework

When you register with a care agency, they will be able to tell you the specific services they provide and advise you how many visits you may need a week to carry out the tasks requested. You can receive care from half an hour a week to a full time live-in service, and this depends on your needs and wishes. Whether you’re looking for someone to get you of bed in the morning and prepare breakfast, or need somebody to take you to your day centre appointment on a weekly basis, there is a Home nursing care Bath service that can help you.

Have Some Company

Carers can even provide company for you, if all you want is someone to sit and chat to over your favourite TV show and a nice cup of tea. They can sit and read to you from the newspaper or even a book of your choice, or you could swap amusing stories! Perhaps you just want the security of someone else at home with you in the evenings – when it’s dark and cold outside it can be easy to feel nervous and insecure even if you’re in your own home. Choose a sitting service, where a carer can spend a few hours keeping you company.

Personal care in your own home is worth its weight in gold and allows you to continue living independently whilst enjoying all the activities you would normally do! By finding a reputable care agency who can provide you with a carer that you enjoy spending time with, your quality of life will be greatly enhanced.


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