Keep Your Business Functional With Properly Working Refrigeration in St. Paul,MN

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Society has come a long way in our food preservation technologies and one of the most common tools we use to protect our foodstuffs is Refrigeration in St. Paul, MN. Refrigeration systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make use of several types of coolants. Contrary to popular belief, refrigeration systems don’t really chill the air where they are installed. They actually use the cooling equipment to absorb the heat in the area, transport it via the refrigerant and release it somewhere else, often outside of the building or refrigerated container. This methodology applies for practically all refrigeration systems from your simple household icebox to the huge cooling systems in modern skyscrapers. This explains why older model household refrigerators often had those hot coils behind them.

If you are in the business of fine cuisine then keeping functional coolers and various types of walk in Refrigeration in St. Paul, MN is critical for your establishment. Without freezers to maintain long term storage or walk-in coolers to protect the huge quantities of fresh produce and dairy products your customers crave you might as well lock the doors and call it a day. Of course, restaurants aren’t the only places where our society uses refrigeration units. Grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and even hospitals take advantage of this marvellous technology.

While the basis of modern refrigeration is similar to the techniques used in heating and cooling, much of the equipment will be different. Part of this is due to the chemicals used for the refrigerant. However, it is just as important to consider what is being refrigerated. For example, some industries use refrigeration to liquefy various gases such as propane, nitrogen, oxygen and methane. Using refrigeration in this method allows for better handling and safer transportation of these gases.

One of the most common uses for commercial refrigeration however, is the creation of ice. We use tons of this frozen water and this usage increases in the hotter months. Keeping these ice making machines operating smoothly takes quite a bit of effort and a decent amount of knowledge which is why smart companies like Altemp Mechanical Inc. works so hard to keep the best technicians on their payroll.


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