How to Choose a Fencing Company in Dallas, PA

September, 2013 by Alma Abell

Just as not all fences are alike, not all fencing companies are alike. A fence is a large expense for many homeowners and businesses. Take your time to compare fencing companies before committing to one. It’s best to contact at least three fencing contractors before making a decision. Follow these tips on how to choose a good fencing company in Dallas PA and you will not regret your decision.

Check with the BBB

Check for fencing contractors that are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Not all fencing companies are required to be accredited, but those that make the effort prove that their work holds up under the BBB’s scrutiny. Check with the BBB South Central PA branch if you live in the Dallas area. You can also see how many complaints have been lodged against a particular company.

Get a Written Estimate

Never settle for a verbal estimate or you will be greatly disappointed. Only accept a written and itemized estimate. Do not just go for the lowest estimate total. Check to see what is included in the estimate. Are any warrantees or guarantees included? Does the estimate state how long the job will take? Although many companies provide free estimates, no all do. Make sure you know in advance before agreeing to get an estimate from a worker for the fencing company.

Meet the Worker

Do not accept estimates given over the phone. A good fencing contractor will send someone to your property in order to take measurements, check the land quality and determine how many corners a fence for your property would need. This is the only way a contractor can give you an accurate estimate. This is a good time to ask the contractor questions about the company or what type of fencing he or she recommends.

Ask for References

Most fencing companies will feature a portfolio of their past work on their websites. However, you should still ask for a list of references. Take the time to check these references to make sure that the fencing company is not trying to pull a fast one on you. Ask the customers if they would ever hire this company again.

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