Hispanic Food New Jersey Restaurants Can Obtain

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Business

One of the most challenging things for a Hispanic restaurant is to locate the more unique ingredients necessary for their menu. Finding a wholesale company that specializes in Hispanic Food is going to be helpful in this regard. Doing this can make the difference from being an ordinary restaurant to being a real competitor that Hispanic Food In New Jersey patrons will turn to.

There are many foods that are necessary for creating Hispanic menu items. Here are a few classifications to consider:

Tortillas – They come in many different sizes, flavors, colors and ingredients. Nearly all menu items have tortillas in them. Using unique types can boost business.

Desserts – Typical Hispanic desserts and dessert ingredients include flan, mango, tamarind, guava, churros and Mexican chocolate.

Drinks – There are a number of drinks that are popular that cannot be found at regular wholesale companies.

Salsas – Ready-made salsas can be helpful for restaurants thus saving them the time making them. They can also get a basic sauce and then customize it with degrees of heat and flavor. There are also various other sauces that can be purchased that save time.

Spices and seasonings – Some items that are unique to Hispanic food that New Jersey restaurants might use are adobo, taco seasoning, chipotle and dried cilantro.

Miscellaneous – There are lots of other items used as ingredients in Hispanic food. Masa which comes in blue, white and yellow is often used in dishes. Produce such as plantains, jalapenos, yuca, banana leaves and avocados are staples in this cuisine.

Not only will Hispanic Food New Jersey restaurants be happy with the variety offered by wholesale companies that specialize in Hispanic food but the pricing can be much better. When you consider the labor costs involved in making some things such as tortillas and sauces, it can be much cheaper to buy these products ready to use.

Choosing a supplier that has been around for a long time will ensure satisfaction as they have experience in keeping the right items in stock. Running out of something is never a good thing for a restaurant.

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