Hiring A Dog Bite Attorney In Bremerton

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Lawyers

With Dog Bite Attorney in Bremerton, you have assistance in filing a claim against the dog’s owners. In these cases, it is necessary to provide evidence that proves that this specific dog attacked you as some pet owners are reluctant to believe that their pet is capable of such action. Unless you have a witness who saw the attack, it could become compulsory for you to acquire biological evidence for your case. When you are treated for the dog bite the doctor can secure this evidence from your wound. To discuss probable outcomes in an animal attack case, contact the Otto Law Offices.

When Dogs Attack

Despite the every day temperament of a neighborhood dog, this does not guarantee that the dog will never attack someone. Typically, in dog bite cases, this is the first key piece of evidence used by the defense to discredit your claim. However, with biological evidence from your wound, the pet owner cannot include the judge into believing that their dog would not do this. This evidence will require that the pet owners to allow a vet to compare this evidence to their dog’s DNA. In some cases, it requires a court-order from the judge, however, this evidence is quite effective in winning.

Local Animal Attack Lawyer

The Otto Law Offices comes to your assistance when you are brutally attacked by a neighborhood dog. These attorneys assist you in securing vital medical evidence that prevents the probability of the pet owner’s denial of this occurrence. With sufficient evidence you can directly link the dog to your injuries without doubt and provide the judge with clarity on why you deserve compensation. To hire an attorney within this law firm after a dog attack, call them locally or visit their website.


With the skills of Dog Bite Attorney in Bremerton, you understand how to proceed throughout an animal attack claim. With these cases, you must present evidence that prevents the pet owners from including the judge with a presentation of the dog’s temperament in which they could attempt to discredit your claim. Direct biological evidence that proves that this dog attacked you will present the judge with all of the evidence needed to shift the odds in your favor. To learn more about animal attack claims and your options, contact the Otto Law Offices today.

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