Heating in Portland Can Be Assured With a Pre-Season Checkup

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Air Conditioning

The cold and damp season Portland experiences in the winter months requires a good functioning heating system to keep a home comfortable. The best way to achieve this is to have a pre-season checkup by an experienced heating system technician. This checkup will spot problems early and identify potential problems.

An inspection of the burners is a good place to start because dirty burners must be cleaned to achieve optimum efficiency by preventing gas from burning inefficiently. Adjusting the burners will increase the efficiency and the fuel savings. The burners may need to be replaced. Specialists in Heating in Portland can offer advice on this process.

The technician will check for gas leaks to save fuel but more importantly to ensure the safety of your home. He will clean and adjust the pilot light and check the thermocouple to provide safety in the home.

The flue will be inspected for safe operation and to ensure there are no leaks and no pipe corrosion. A check will be made of any part of the heating system which could cause a gas leak and pose lethal danger to the home’s occupants. The heat exchanger can be checked for leaks to avoid creating the presence of carbon monoxide. Heating in Portland will offer guidance on dealing with carbon monoxide.

The blower wheel, belt tension and alignment, and the blower motor will be checked to be sure they function properly. The area of the furnace housing the blower motor and wheel will be cleaned of debris. The thermostat will be checked for the proper calibration to ensure comfort and minimize fuel and electricity costs.

A check of the furnace wiring will be made to ensure safety and to extend the life of the system. All electrical connections will be tightened and any corrosion will be cleaned. The vent system will be checked for cleanliness and obstructions. Occasionally, a home will have a vent system which actually obstructs air flow to a room or a section of the home. This problem can be detected by checking the temperature differences between supply vents. A wide difference would indicate that the furnace is not getting heat to part of the home. The air flow check will be made of return air temperatures and the return air velocity. All of these checks will ensure the total comfort of every area of your home by a Heating in Portland specialist.


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