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by | Oct 28, 2013 | Plumbing and Plumbers

The problem with trying to take care of a plumbing issue on your own is the fact that you typically don’t know what you are doing. Sure, there are some situations where some drain cleaning liquid will be able to take care of a clogged sink, or a plunger will be able to take care of a stuck toilet, but for the most part, if the basic remedies don’t work you need to cut your losses and go with a professional that knows what they are doing. The last thing that you ever want to do is to try and deal with a piping or a plumbing issue that you don’t understand. It doesn’t take much to make a situation worse by trying to fix an issue on your own.

One of the most important things to remember about plumbing issues is that time is of the essence. This is especially true when you are talking about a leak that is coming either from a fixture, or from the piping in your walls. Water is very damaging to your home; even a small amount that leaks into drywall, carpeting or wood can lead to warping, mildew or mold. While you should turn off the water to your home, you also need to call out a professional plumber, such as Hansons Quality Plumbing Appleton WI, as quickly as possible. A plumber needs to come out and take a thorough look at the issue. They will decide whether a piece of the piping system can be sealed, or whether a section needs to be replaced. In addition, they need to assess the damage, and alert you to whether you need additional help to dry or replace an area of a wall or floor.

Hansons Quality Plumbing Appleton WI won’t just be able to help with a “dire” leak; they can also help with pesky clogs in showers, sinks and toilets. Clogs could be related to water-pressure issues, meaning that simply dislodging the clog is not going to always take care of the overriding issue. In addition, they can also help with remodels, fixture replacements, and gas line repairs in and around your home. Hanson Quality Plumbing will be able to give you a free estimate of any job that you need to get done.

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