Fresh and Authentic Hispanic Food Distribution in Pennsylvania

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Food & Drink

Best Mexican Foods is a wholesale operation with over 40 years of experience in Hispanic Food Distribution. The business has been family owned and operated since they opened their doors in 1968. They have developed their company from a single humble taco stand in New York City to the largest Mexican Supply retailer in the Northeast United States. Their commitment to delicious and authentic cuisine has made it possible for them to now a fleet of ten delivery trucks operating out of a 40,000 square foot facility.
Best Mexican Foods provides retailers and restaurants in New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania with top quality, authentic Hispanic food, beverages and restaurant supplies. Their inventory is filled with difficult to find products that will help any restaurant develop a genuine Mexican appeal. Their inventory includes some of the most popular ingredients in Mexican cuisine, both in Mexico and the United States.
The food selection offered by Best Mexican Foods includes their very own handmade corn and flour tortillas. These tortillas have been one of their best selling products for decades. Made daily, they are the freshest tortillas available on the market.
They also have fresh produce like avocados, jalapenos and plantains. They have a delicious pre-cooked pork carnita and a pre-cooked and seasoned ground beef. There is a wide selection of dried beans and cheese, available in bars, crumbled and shredded. Their spice selection includes all of the most popular Mexican seasonings needed to complete any dish. There are also sauces, salsas and rice. Best Mexican Foods specializes in stocking the hard to find items, rarely found anywhere else locally, like sliced cactus and calamari ink.
Their beverage options include popular Mexican sodas, rice milk and concentrated liquids for mixed drinks. No Mexican restaurant is complete without tequila and margarita mixes and Best Mexican Foods has both. It also has margarita salt and many other flavorings and mixers.
As the largest company offering Hispanic Food Distribution in Pennsylvania, they make it easy for their customers to get everything they need in one convenient place. That is why you will also find take-out packaging, restaurant equipment and plates and glasses. As experts in the business you can be assured any products you order will be fresh, delicious and authentic.
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