Celebrate Your Corporate Anniversary with These 5 Ideas

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Celebrate Your Corporate Anniversary with These 5 Ideas

Anniversaries show you how far you’ve come since the beginning, especially in a business that, at one time, was just a start-up company. So many aspects go into a company and if it’s successful, it’s important to remember where you came from and what helped you get to where you are now. All the achievements and struggles over the years should be celebrated, and here are some ways ideas on how you can!

1. Don’t limit the celebration to a single day

When celebrating a major anniversary for your company, you don’t have to limit the festivities to a single day. The anniversary lasts all year, so you can celebrate with different events. You’ll need to consider your budget when planning the events, but you can celebrate customers with different sales or celebrate your employees with extra perks. You don’t want to forget your stakeholders, so you can have another day dedicated to them as well. Adding these benefits to customers and employees makes them feel and know that they are important for the company’s goals, which will make them want to stick around longer.

2. Make a corporate anniversary book

There’s nothing like celebrating the anniversary of your company than by showcasing its history in a published book. You can not only keep the history of a company in one place, but you can also make it a gift for your stakeholders and employees, and even sell it to bring in some extra revenue. An anniversary is the perfect time to gather the history of your company to use as a record later! An archiving service can help you gather the history of your company into a book that’s entertaining and people want to purchase, and they can also help with other aspects of your anniversary campaign!

3. Create specialized web design

If it’s financially possible and you’re celebrating a major milestone, you can create an icon, and even redesign your website for the year to celebrate the company’s anniversary. A customized logo gives your brand a fresh new look without needing to rebrand your company. Say your company has been around for ten years, you can create a webpage based around the number 10, or find a way to incorporate a 10 in your logo. Your customers and employees will see that you’ve lasted for that long, so they’ll have more faith in your company. The new logo and tagline can go on stationary, emails, and any marketing booths or campaigns, and since you’re using it for the whole year, it’ll be well worth any money that goes into designing it!

4. Throw a party

Who doesn’t love a good social gathering? You can find a venue (maybe through one of your sponsors) and host a party for any loyal customers, family, employees, or stakeholders! It’ll be a great way to socialize with all aspects of your organization and bring them all together in one place. A party is a good reward for all the hard work your employees have done, and shows you appreciate your customers and stake holders. Plus, if you have the relevant sponsors or stakeholders, you could be able to throw the party for very little expenses.

5. Create a documentary

Companies like History Factory specialize in archiving and creating different ways to document the narrative of the company. You can get employees and other people special to the company to tell stories and humanize the successes and even the hardships of the business. It’s a great promotional tool as well, since you can put it online and embed it into your website so your customers can see the history of your company.

Remembering where you started is a great way to put your successes into perspective. Everyone who is a part of your corporation should be celebrated because they are a part of the success of the company. An anniversary is the opportunity to celebrate your own achievements and those of the company as well, and it will strengthen bonds with those involved and make you remember where you came from. Visit here  http://www.historyfactory.com/ to know more information.

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