Can Anyone Have Custom Letterhead Printing From San Diego?

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

We see it all the time whenever a business entity sends us a letter; be it the Utility Company sending a notice to our home; or customers and suppliers sending business letters to the company where we are employed. Everything comes typed (rarely hand written these days) on a sheet of paper with the senders details pre-printed on it – usually at the top; which is why it is called the letterhead. However, these details can be anywhere on the paper sheet; down the sides, along the bottom, or, even in all 4 positions – if the letter is longer than a single page; the Custom Letterhead Printing From San Diego may be different on the continuation sheets than it is on page 1.

Business just would not be business if there were no company letterheads on the paper used for communicating with others. Maybe, in this age of computers and email, the paper may become obsolete (which, I for one, somehow doubt) but, the business mind still clings to the idea that any communication from my business to you must be immediately recognizable as coming from the entity that I am working for.

If I cannot have my message sent under a printed company letterhead; then I will try to make my computer files and emails resemble the old way as much as possible. I will set up my word processing templates to be exact copies of a new sheet of paper complete with its Custom Letterhead Printing From San Diego information always in place. Therefore, when I email you the soft copy of my letter, it still looks like the “real thing” used to be when in hardcopy. Probably, I will also duplicate the old letterhead as a signature that automatically appears on the bottom of every email that I send out.

Can Individuals Do This For Their Own Mails And Communications?

Of course they can. Their name and private address can be printed onto blank letter paper just as easily as that of any company. This will still require custom printing but we will probably call it “personalized printing”. In the past, the only drawback was the minimum order quantities imposed by the firms doing custom letterhead printing services in San Diego – as individuals, we would probably be dead before we had used up all the sheets of personalized stationery. Fortunately, advances in things like digital printing now mean that printers can offer fairly small print runs of anything and sell at very affordable prices; opening up availability of personalized letterheads to individuals, small groups, clubs, etc.

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