An Emergency Veterinarian Hospital in Millersville Will Be Your Partner in Pet Care

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Animal Health

10443127_lOur animal companions can quickly become like family members, and we try to give them the same quality of health care. An Emergency Veterinarian Hospital in Millersville can provide that care from the time of your pet’s first vaccinations through spaying or neutering, and into their senior years. Your veterinarian can be an active partner in caring for your special family member in a variety of ways, from medical care to regular grooming, obedience classes, and even boarding.

There may be times in your companion’s life when special medical care or even surgery is required and that is when you will appreciate the services of a fully-equipped animal hospital. An up-to-date laboratory with high-tech gear helps your vet diagnose a patient who can’t explain where it hurts or what’s wrong. Coupled with a surgical suite that is unrivaled in the area, and professionals who will give your pet the kind of care that you would, this makes for a truly exceptional Emergency Veterinarian Hospital in Millersville. Stitches may be called for, or bones reset, but it will all be done in a way that respects your companion and removes as much stress as possible. They will be kept warm, comfortable, and well-tended to.

Not everyone’s idea of a pet is a cat or a dog; many individuals have brought snakes, iguanas, chinchillas, and assorted exotic birds into their family circle and they are just as susceptible to illness and injury as more common pets. That’s why it’s good to rely on a veterinarian who can deal with exotic pets in addition to their regular patients, providing them with the same care and treatment, but administered in special surroundings, ideal for them and their unique needs.

Of course, not every function that a veterinarian performs is going to deal with emergencies; they are also able to deal with tasks like dental problems, bone malformations, parasitic infestations, respiratory issues, or blood disorders. Our animal companions can have a lot of health issues and that’s why it’s so important that they receive regular check-ups. This not only helps monitor any potential health problems, it also helps the vet to get to know your pet better and build a rapport that will make future trips to see him less stressful.

Gambrills Veterinary Center has everything it takes to be a partner in making sure your special family member lives a long and healthy life.

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