A Dentist in Cedar Grove Cares for Patients of All Ages

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Dentistry

From the time a baby gets their first tooth, they should begin to see a Dentist in Cedar Grove. This ensures that the important baby teeth are cared for properly. The child’s jaw depends upon them to grow and form properly. The regular visits also teach the child how important regular dental care is. Fluoride treatments and sealants will protect their teeth from cavities. When children grow up seeing the dentist regularly, those visits become part of their adult habits.

When the child’s adult teeth have emerged, the Dentist in Cedar Grove will evaluate whether or not they’ll need their teeth straightened. These days there are many different options for children. While some do have to wear traditional metal braces connected by wires, others can wear invisible aligners. The sooner that the teeth are straightened the less likelihood of tooth decay or other problems.

While preventative dentistry can alleviate many dental problems, it can’t protect against accidents. Sometimes an Emergency Dentist will have to repair or extract a damaged tooth. If possible they will salvage the root and enough tooth to top it off with a porcelain crown. The crown is so realistic that very few people will notice that it’s not the original tooth. However, if the root can’t be saved, then the Dentist in Cedar Grove with screw an implant into the jaw bone. After several months a porcelain crown can be attached to that. This is preferential to a permanent bridge that also fills the hole, but involves undamaged teeth on either side.

Older patients may have to turn to a full set of dentures to have a beautiful smile. They will be pleased at how realistic they are. In addition, a Dentist in Cedar Grove often uses dental implants to stabilize the dentures. If the older person’s jaw bone has enough density and size to support implants, they are screwed into the jaw bone in several places. Instead of attaching a porcelain crown, a small metal ball is attached. This matches a slot that is placed in the bottom of the dentures. In the morning the patient just snaps the denture on to the ball. It snaps off in the evening to be cleaned.


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