Zechariah 14 Fulfilled: The Ascent

February, 2014 by

revelationrevolution1 “From the heavens he came and all men bowed to his glory as God almighty came down to show man his image was above all others as the people were blinded by such light.” The bible has given us so many thought provoking images that have burned in our minds for centuries. As unimaginable as they may be, they are indeed real, and it has been proven over the years that prophecy can be a very real experience. Through its years, the bible has made many to get lost in thought and wonder of deep questions that need answers. Those questions beg for answers like Zechariah 14 fulfilled.

Zechariah 14 fulfilled includes facts that have been recorded since the days of the ancient Romans. Historical data backs up the remarkable claims of what the Romans saw and immediately recorded in order to preserve it throughout the ages. Amazing details show that beyond a doubt, God visited them descending from the heavens on wild steeds, warning of impending forecasts of what the world will be and the powerful forces behind the raptures. Prophecies were fulfilled including the splitting of the Mount of Olives during the first century as foretold.

Zechariah 14 fulfilled describes the bitter wars with men of all ethnic backgrounds fighting and being killed in enormous numbers. The wars waged were of a disrespecting nature toward God. A mighty and swift altercation ensued, leaving thousands dead and others dying agonizingly as predicted. The fore warnings of the Almighty fell on deaf ears to many, and they paid for it dearly. Everything you need to know is here. All of your lingering questions will be answered. The world never knew peace until it accepted God. This revealing chapter gives insight to the true happenings in biblical times and what it all means to us living now amongst such upheaval and discord. There is no need to be lost or afraid, nor is there a need to experience agonizing questions without having the knowledge of the reasons and outcomes that have already been predicted. The ascent of the heavens has always been upon us.

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