Worried About Storm Season? Learn When to Call a Roofing Company in Chattanooga TN

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

The roof is one of the home’s primary sources of protection from the elements. If that protection is breached, the resulting damage can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars out of pocket. Many people believe that storm damage will always be covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy. This is not always true, and when it is true the result is skyrocketing premiums. So, what can a homeowner do to avoid this? That’s simple. Don’t wait for storm season. Act now! Learn the signs of existing roof damage, and contact a Roofing Company in Chattanooga TN if anything is amiss. Here are some common signs of roof damage:

* Missing or buckled shingles

* Wet spots on the ceiling after a storm – even small ones

* Dark streaks on the roof – this is usually algae

* Missing or damaged flashing around the chimney or other structures

* A musty smell, damp, or rotting wood in the attic/crawlspace

* Dried, cracked, or rotting seals around skylights

* Age!

If a homeowner finds any problem early enough, it may be possible for a roofing contractor to repair the damage. This might include replacing missing shingles and flashing, installing new vents, or replacing the sealant around skylights. This is definitely the least expensive option. Unfortunately, there are times when the homeowner must have the roof replaced entirely. This work will need to be completed by a Roofing Company in Chattanooga TN.

When a homeowner learns that he or she must replace their roof, their first concern is usually cost. Fortunately, homeowners have many financing options when it comes to roof replacement. It may be possible to take out a home equity loan, or open a revolving line of credit with a bank or credit union. Many contractors are willing to finance this major home repair, or have contacts in the financial services industry who can help the homeowner obtain the necessary funds. By choosing to finance the cost of the roof replacement, the homeowner is able to spread the cost over time. This is a great option for anyone who does not have funds fully available.

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