With Urgent Family Care You are more than Just a Number

January, 2014 by

Did your child fall down and bump his head? Was your daughter playing and you worried she may have broken her finger? Did you wake up during the night vomiting and now you feel run down? Medical issues happen to everyone, at any time. Not every family has a family doctor, and in the past it has meant hours of waiting in an emergency room to get temporarily fixed up and told go see your doctor. Instead of wasting your time with the ER, you now have the option to visit an Urgent Family Care clinic if you live near Willowbrook, IL or Schererville, IN.

An urgent care facility such as Midwest Express Clinic knows not everyone has a family doctor and that emergency rooms are not a great place to be when you are sick. They make it easy to get the care you need quickly, and provide follow-up care no matter what type of care you need. If you just moved into the area and your infant needs to be immunized but you do not have a pediatrician, it is no longer a problem. Big or small, your medical issues can be dealt with by a friendly staff, professional doctors and nurses.

Urgent Family Care provides even long term health care options, if needed. If you suffer from pain that does not go away, such as arthritis, back pain, or headaches, they will explore the options and help you with pain management; even if it does require more than one visit. You will never find that option with an emergency room visit. You do not need to schedule an appointment; you do not need to worry anymore about seeking help for your pain. Simply walk in and let the urgent care professionals help you get back onto your feet.

When it comes to your and your family’s care, it is worth it to explore all your options. If the clinic cannot help you for some reason, they will refer you to someone who can. They are here to provide you with the best possible care while allowing you faster service than the emergency room and the freedom to walk in without scheduling an appointment; Are you ready to be treated as a person and not a number on the emergency room waiting list?


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