Window Replacement in Residential Homes

June, 2014 by

Homeowners have a lot of regular expenses, which are planned for in their budget. But, because they no longer have landlords to pay for things that go wrong within their homes that aren’t part of their regular expenses, they often end up in a panic about how to deal with those problems. For instance, broken windows are something that aren’t planned for, but can happen at just about any time. When there are broken windows in a home, it is important that they be repaired or replaced right away. For one thing, having broken windows can be a safety issue, by making it easier for intruders to enter homes, and having jagged edges people can cut themselves on.

Window replacement is something that can be done quickly and easily by the professionals at 494 Glass and Mirror, Inc. They offer a number of glass services, including mirror replacement, custom shower doors, commercial services, and more. Located in Porter, TX, technicians will work at homes in Kingwood, Houston, and The Woodlands. It is easy to call and make an appointment to have glass repaired or replaced, and homeowners will receive estimates over the phone, with no obligations to use the services offered. Materials will be cut right in front of customers, and they will take measurements and quote prices for replacement windows.

Broken windows are not the only reason why homeowners opt for window replacement. Many homeowners who have older homes often end up with higher than average energy bills, because the windows are older and don’t hold in the heat as well, and let colder air come into homes. Newer windows are made with thicker glass, and are much more energy efficient. There are also panes that are made from tinted glass, which help keep homes from getting too hot in the summer time by shading light from the sun.

All replacement windows and work are guaranteed for one year, so homeowners know that they are getting quality materials and installation. Installing energy efficient windows will help keep heat in during the cold winter months, and keep homes cool in the summer time.

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