Why You Should Have Heating Systems Services in Mystic, CT

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Isn’t it nice to wake up to a warm bedroom on a cold winter morning? Any heating system will benefit from preventative maintenance, and so will the homeowner who finds the home to be toasty warm when it needs to be. The only place in the home where ice should be forming is the ice maker.

Heating Systems Services in Mystic CT will come out on the cold winter day when the furnace stops working, and fix it so you have heat once again. However, this problem might have been prevented if the homeowner had taken advantage of a full service maintenance contract, which would have provided for a pre-season furnace check-up. This check-up includes every functional part of a furnace and the oil tank. One very important feature of this service is bleeding the system feed line because so many problems can arise from a feed line. A bleeder that has not been serviced can shut the furnace down.

Checking and cleaning the burners are an essential part of the inspection program. The system should be run through a full heating cycle. The purpose of this is to ensure that the furnace has plenty of combustion air and chimney draft. Sufficient draft is important to the proper functioning of the furnace. Oil furnace technicians use smoke pencils to check for draft, and also to test the air in the chimney for carbon monoxide.

The technician will check the filter at the oil tank outlet because the filter can become corroded and block the flow of oil or greatly reduce it. The amount of sediment in the tank will help the homeowner decide whether to replace the tank. Older tanks were not designed to last as long as many homeowners believe. These tanks can rust on the inside, and sediment can buildup, increasing the filter’s restriction of oil flow to the burner. The homeowner might not ever know this is happening until an annual inspection shows a blocked filter.

There are preventative maintenance contracts for a pre-season check-up that covers the parts that can cause trouble. It is a good idea for the homeowner to cover themselves with a maintenance contract rather than a pile of blankets. Heating Systems Services in Mystic, CT can provide these contracts.

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