Why You Need A Professional Commercial Roofer In Seattle As Opposed To One Trained In The Residential Market

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Why this is important to note about the commercial and residential market is because in this economy where the new building projects are more sluggish, there will be some contractors or companies that try to compete for any type of job within their skill set. Also, a residential roofer will be certified to use specific roofing materials and those also do not translate into the commercial field. Check with the Commercial Roofer Seattle that you are considering working with for their current certifications as well as recent references and job sites.

While some contractors that typically work in the commercial industry can sometimes carry over their trades and skills to a private market, rarely is it the other way around. For instance, if you are looking for a Commercial Roofer in Seattle you would not look to a roofer that mainly works on residential homes. The fact is, the composition, system and application process is different. If you are looking for a commercial contractor try a company such as Northwestern Roof Service Inc. for a starting bid and information on what your roof may need.

As with all roofing systems, what you see on the outside is far from what the complex roofing systems consists of. The roof covers approximately 75% of the exterior of a building and as such it is designed to protect the structure from water, extreme weather conditions and ultimately protect the entire building and contents from any outside elements. There are two systems that are used in the commercial market and one is a built-up type and the other is a single-ply.

A built-up system is similar to what you may imagine with the title. It is a structure that is built on top of each other with different layers and treatments involved. Insulation boards, layers of felt and other types of protective building coverings are applied with a hot bitumen or a torched-on bitumen to secure the layers. In a single-ply roofing system you have a roof that is built from a newer type of plastic materials that are welded together by another hot process and again, applied over insulation boards. As you can see, both models are different than the shingles, downspouts, insulation and even the venting systems that are found in residential roofing.

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