Why You Need a Professional Citizenship Lawyer in Columbus, OH

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

The decision to become a US citizen is an important one. As a naturalized citizen, you will have all of the rights of a US born American except the right to become president. Before you can be a citizen, though, you have to fill out a lot of paperwork, have your fingerprints taken and pass a test. The process can be complicated and many people who wish to become US citizens can benefit from the guidance of a Professional Citizenship Lawyer in Columbus, OH.

Your lawyer can explain the process to become a citizen and help you determine if you meet the qualification for citizenship. If you have been in the country legally for five years or have been married to a US citizen for three years, can pass the moral character test and an English language and civics exam, you may become a US citizen. If you think you may have a problem convincing the US Citizenship and Immigration Services interviewer that you meet any of the requirements, a lawyer may be able to help you.

A mistake on your application could delay your citizenship. To ensure that your application and all of your paperwork is filed correctly the first time, hire a citizenship lawyer such as Bell Law Office to correctly complete and file your paperwork. Your lawyer will defend your rights throughout the process and can work with USCIS to make sure your application is handled properly and timely.

You may have a lot of questions about the naturalization process. Common questions range from filling out the application to how a police incident that happened years ago can affect your citizenship application. A Professional Citizenship Lawyer in Columbus, OH will understand how the law affects your case and can provide answers to your naturalization questions.

There are many benefits to having US citizenship. After you become a citizen, you will have all of the rights given to natural born Americans. You will have freedom of speech, can vote in local and national elections and will not risk deportation if you are confronted by police with something as minor as a traffic violation.

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