Why Water Damage Restoration Should Be Completed By Professionals

April, 2016 by

Water damage is not something that can be cleaned up and sanitized with a wet/dry vacuum and some disinfectant spray. It cannot be left to dry naturally by turning on a big fan and opening up the windows, either. The damage left is more than just a lot of water. If it is from pipes or a water heater bursting, there is bacteria, grey water, and contaminants. If the water damage is from a heavy rain or flood, there is debris, acid rain, and bacteria. There are health hazards, safety hazards, and long-term issues that have to be addressed when considering Water Damage Restoration.

The first thing to consider is that most porous items will have to be discarded and replaced. Mattresses, carpeting, fabric furniture, and some wood items will be damaged beyond sanitizing and repairing. There is not any safe way to insure that those items do not harbor mold, even after they appear to be dry. The health hazard is too great, and can cause allergy and asthma symptoms to worsen suddenly, bring on chronic respiratory issues, or cause nausea, headaches, and vomiting.

Safety hazards can be caused by weakened beams, flooring, or joists within the structure. A floor that feels dry, for example, may be rotten at the sub floor level. That may lead to an injury, an accident, or an appliance falling through the floor. A professional company can provide full Water Damage Restoration services, from free inspection to full repairs, if needed. Containment to keep damage and mold from spreading, complete water evacuation with special equipment, repairs, and restoration that includes dry wall, new flooring, and insulation replacement.

The inspection allows certified technicians to assess the extent of the damage, and develop a complete action plan. They will work with the insurance company to expedite paperwork, provide required details, and submit estimates. The family or business owner will have the building back to normal in no time. Extensive damage may require occupants to vacate the building for a few days to ensure that clean-up, sanitizing, and repairs have restored the building to safe condition. Go to Blacklabelrestoration.com for details on free inspections, and information regarding experience and capabilities.